Stacey Dash, Republicans' Latest Golden Unicorn

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Stacey Dash, best known to every woman as Dionne from Clueless, tweeted today that she's loves Mittens:

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Say it ain't so, D!

Then, the internet exploded and when it put itself back together again two minutes later, it immediately started sending out a bunch of "Don't you know you're an unemployed black woman??" tweets back (which, mainly true) and then, in response to that, tidal waves of conservatives being all, "Look at those liberals attack the poor lady for tweeting about her correct opinion!" Ugh, you know Rush Limbaugh is reading and re-reading that tweet, fondling himself excitedly. This is the shit conservatives live for, when one of the four black female republicans (are there four?) loudly proclaim their allegiance to the cause. I bet the RNC has already tapped Dash to be a booth babe at their next terrible convention.


Well, if you need me, I'll be in the fetal position vowing to never take anything any celebrity says seriously ever again. Anyway, she'll always be Dionne to me — fated to live in Clueless forever, just buying plaid skorts and sexting Murray. Now, let's watch some clips and never speak of this sadness again. I'll start:

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What a shitty article. You're saying that because she's black and a woman, she is SUPPOSED to be a Dem? You actually think it's a GOOD thing that so few blacks are Republicans (or at least bold enough to say that they are)? THAT is racism and sexism. I'm fed up with the whole "feminism = liberal" thing. I'm a feminist and a Republican. It has nothing to do with party affiliation. I support gay marriage and I'm annoyed that the GOP is so stubborn on that issue, and I support birth control (the idea that the GOP is against birth control is incredibly ignorant). But I actually care about the economy and accountability - both for the individual and the government. That's why I'm a Republican - because I think the Obama administration has done a terrible job with wasteful spending, increasing taxes (Obamacare is a tax), and putting more people on welfare. Maybe Stacey Dash also believes in these ideals, that doesn't make her "wrong" for being a black female Republican. This article is trash.