Spanish Princess Forced to Answer Awkward Questions About Tax Fraud

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How déclassé: The New York Times reports that Spain's 48-year old Princess Cristina de Borbon—the current king's youngest daughter—has been summoned to court for questioning about allegedly shady dealings at her husband's nonprofit.

In Spain, that's a more serious than "why don't you come down to the station and answer a few questions." It's like a subpoena, but much closer to being indicted or even charged. Nowhere you want to be, in short. And according to the Telegraph, this is a first for someone directly related to the king.

Princess Christina's being hauled into court is just the latest twist in a tale that's rapidly undermining this particular pack of royals. The princess's husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, is suspected of fraud, tax evasion, and embezzlement in connection with Institute Noos, "a not-for-profit sports-events consultancy." (To be fair, it's tough to make ends meet when you're a royal and can't simply steal all the gold in South America anymore.)


So the question is, how involved might the princess have been in any wrongdoing? An "investigating magistrate" from Mallorca has chased the corruption case for three years, according to the New York Times, and now he says there's sufficient evidence of Princess Christina's involvement to call her before the court. This is his second try, though—an anti-corruption judge overruled him when he attempted last year.

She's supposed to go in for questioning March 8. Neither she nor her husband have actually been charged yet, the Washington Post points out; that comes once the investigating magistrate is done investigating.

Tune in next week, when Harry asks Grams if it's ok to keep the beard as long as he promises not to rob the local Tesco. (She says no.)


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Can I plead ignorant American and say that I had no idea there was a current royal family in Spain?