For those who truly love Downton Abbey, you can now paint that period (of history) all over your faces. Because, as the Dowager Countess says, "No one wants to kiss a girl in black." (Except probably a lot of people, but do not talk back to that woman โ€” she will murder you with her biting wit.*)

I suspect that Marks and Spencer's new line of Downton soaps, makeup and other beauty products will mainly be gifted as novelty presents to people who are obsessed with TV's most fabulous upstairs/downstairs drama queens. Still, no matter; slap some historical fiction marketing on a Wet n' Wild lip gloss and I'll pay $30 for it!

[via Today]

*And also probably by beating you with her cane. Or poisoning your fifth wine course. Or she could shove one of her glorious feathered hats down your gullet. Point is, you'll be dead.