Sorry Jay-Z, This Suit Is Pink

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Over the weekend, Jay-Z wore a suit to Roc Nation’s pre-Grammys brunch. The suit was custom-made by Frère, and looked very nice. The suit was also definitely pink, a fact Jay-Z seems insistent on spinning, for some reason.


People reports that Jay-Z told a fan at the brunch who complimented his pink suit that it was not pink. “It’s mauve, bro,” he said. “Mauve. It’s a mauvelous day.”

There’s video, full suit-shot included:


As someone who spends way too much of her free time debating the subtle hue differences in every single Essie shade, I do not personally think this suit is mauve. Merriam-Webster defines “mauve” as “a moderate purple, violet, or lilac color,” or “a strong purple,” and the above suit does not look the least bit purple to me.

Granted, years of blogging have rendered my eyes sad and weak, so I checked in with Gizmodo’s Tom McKay, who says, “I would say, pastel, carnation, or coral. If anyone disagrees with me they are wrong because I am a tetrachromat.”

McKay adds, “It’s possible that it could be described as salmon but it’s not orangey-bright enough. IMO, and anyway all color words are made up and salmon is mostly a euphemism for men to avoid admitting they’re in pink.”

Well, there you have it. Sorry Jay-Z! But the suit looks good! Of course, Beyoncé looked better. [People]


Joe Giudice seems to be handling his split from Teresa Giudice, his wife of two decades, quite well.


TMZ reports:

The ‘RHONJ’ star was down in Mexico over the weekend at a place called Isla Mujeres. That translates to Island of Women ... and, lord, did it live up to the name. Take a look — Joe, who seemed to be on a boys’ trip, was absolutely surrounded by gorgeous babes.

They were pretty into him too from the looks of these photos and videos TMZ obtained. At one point, Joe was seen dancing with some of the girls at a hotel called Izla. Later, he was spotted cozying up with a couple other gals under a cabana on the beach. Heyooo!


Love—alive, dead, dancing, doing something. [TMZ, E! Online]

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Sid and Financy

Gizmodo’s Tom McKay, who says, “I would say, pastel, carnation, or coral. If anyone disagrees with me they are wrong because I am a tetrachromat.”

A tetrachromat should probably know that pastel is not a specific color but comprises shades of a plethora of colors—e.g., baby blue.