Teresa and Joe Giudice Are DONE

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I did not quite believe it when my colleague Joan Summers reported in October that Teresa and Joe Giudice’s 20-year marriage was on the rocks. Surely a couple that survived many Real Housewives seasons, a fraud and tax charge indictment, prison time, a deportation to Italy, and a near miss on a Hillary Clinton presidency could find a way to let love shine through! Alas, I was wrong, and the Giudices have split.


E! Online reports that the couple have separated, and though Teresa has not yet filed for divorce, an “insider” told the outlet, “Teresa and Joe’s marriage is completely over. Teresa is in no rush to file for divorce, but their relationship is done.” Love. Is. Dead.

It seems potential distance is the nail in the coffin—Joe is currently in Italy awaiting a decision on his deportation appeal, and Teresa reportedly has no interest in keeping things going with an ocean between them. Per E! Online:

The long-distance and lack of free-time appears to be a major cause of their breakup. A second source said, “Teresa made the decision to leave Joe if he were to be deported nearly a year ago. Teresa doesn’t see the point in a long distance relationship, and as the breadwinner for her daughters, she needs to stay in the U.S. where all her financial opportunities are. She feels she has sacrificed more than enough for her marriage and she needs to do what’s best for her family as a whole.”

This is more or less what Teresa said in October on Andy Cohen’s Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, when she made it clear she’d leave Joe if he were unable to return from Italy. But it seems like Joe’s fine—TMZ reports he’s already started dating, not that the whole “marriage” thing (allegedly) stopped him before. [E! Online, TMZ]

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I believe the Giudice marriage has been over for a hot minute, but they had to wait until it was legally favorable to end it. Since he decided to leave ICE custody and stop trying to fight to stay in the US, it was done. He can probably go to Canada once he has an Italian passport and they can meet him up there much easier and for a lower cost than going to Europe.