Sophie Turner Has Bested Mariah Carey to Win the Bottle Cap Challenge

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Earlier this week, I reported that esteemed singer Mariah Carey had toppled the John Mayers and Jason Stathams of the world to win the title of Best Bottle Cap Challenge Participant, having managed to blow the cap off a wine bottle using nothing but the power of her five-octave vocal range. Unfortunately, it appears I bestowed that esteemed title too soon, for Sophie Turner has actually won it. Jezebel apologizes for the error.


Indeed, on Friday night, Turner completed the challenge, managing to unscrew the wine bottle using only her fingers, before drinking the wine. “Stop this,” she says to the camera. “Now.”

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Screenshot: Instagram

Turner is, of course, correct, as wine bottle caps are not for kicking off or singing off but for twisting off, to release the sweet alcoholic nectar within. The bottlecap challenge is pretty fucking stupid, and Turner wins for calling it out. And that’s the tea. [Instagram]

Kumail Nanjiani stood up Conan O’Brien on Thursday evening, canceling his scheduled appearance last minute because of “work.” O’Brien interviewed his assistant instead. Nanjiani is very sorry:

The only other celebrity ever to cancel on Conan last minute was Liza Minnelli, who was apparently “troublesome,” although really everyone knows a boss move is to say you’re going to attend the party, offer to bring chips, never show up, and eat all the chips yourself, so. [Daily Mail]


Earlier this week, I downloaded Co-Star and it has fully ruined my entire life. It appears Channing Tatum is feeling similarly:

May he find the answers he is seeking, and may Co-Star stop telling me things like “Get dressed up” when I’m spending my day blogging in a dress covered in cat hair. [Just Jared]


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Mortal Dictata

I’m surprised Ed Sheeran still engenders such emotive responses from people when to honest he seems quite... boring/ordinary.

His stuff isn’t exactly groundbreaking like George Michael or boundary-pushing like Rammstein, and his personality isn’t as outlandish as Boy George or egotistical like Bono yet everything he says or does seems to be either the worst or best thing ever looking at how many react...