Someone Is Staring at You in Personal Growth: The When Harry Met Sally Gang Is Back Together

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Even after 30 years, When Harry Met Sally holds up as 96 perfect minutes. And on Thursday night, my parents Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal got back together for a few hours to explain precisely why it’s so goddamn good.

Director Rob Reiner joined the two for a celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary at the 10th annual TCM Classic Film Festival, where Ryan spoke a little about what first drew her to Nora Ephron’s script:

“I remember reading the script in like 40 minutes. It’s a fast, funny, hilarious read and there’s a type of music to it, and looking back it’s a type of music that Billy and I somehow knew how to play together, and Rob and Nora knew how to play together.”


Crystal said he wasn’t sure the movie could get made in 2019, and you can exhale because he didn’t blame it on political correctness but said audiences no longer like movies in which people talk:

“This would be a movie that would be very hard to make today,” he said. “I mean who would take a risk on two people basically talking throughout the whole movie?”

So I’m not sure if this is the right or wrong time to pitch my remake idea, but here goes: shot-for-shot remake starring Jennifer Lawrence in the Harry role and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Sally role. I don’t know how, but that diner orgasm scene could absolutely work and I want to see it.

No matter what you think of that pitch can we all agree that we just miss the shit out of Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron?


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Elon Musk is getting dragged back into this Johnny Depp defamation case against Amber Heard. Depp has accused the two of having an affair during his marriage to Heard, but now Depp’s lawyer is hinting that they (and others) were conspiring against him as well:

We have now issued subpoenas to Amber Heard, her hoax assisting friends, Elon Musk and other witnesses to explain the avalanche of video, audio, photographic and testimonial evidence with which we intend to confront them,’” Depp’s attorney told Page Six in a statement on Friday.”


The announcement that a web of people plotted an elaborate hoax for the sole purpose of boosting Heard’s career at the expense of Depp’s comes on the heels of Heard’s accusations that during their marriage, Depp was often paranoid and delusional. Musk’s team says they have not received any subpoena.  

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Boaty McFloatFace

No matter what you think of that pitch can we all agree that we just miss the shit out of Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron?

And Bruno Kirby :(