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Someone Actually Got Paid to Give the Kool-Aid Man This Makeover

If Don Draper could see things now.

The iconic Kool-Aid Man is now 59 years old, and he's transitioned into CGI — ULTRA NEW WAVE! And, as Dodai points out, he's skinner! WTH? I like my Kool-Aid Man fat, insanely happy, and hopped up on sugar.


"This is one of those fun projects we love to work on: Bring Kool-Aid Man back, better than ever," says [ad agency] Saatchi New York chief creative officer Con Williamson. "When we set out to do that, when we really dug in, we discovered that there's a lot to love in the evolution of this iconic character. We wanted people to get to know him a bit more. Kool-Aid and Kool-Aid Man are undeniably fun and positively bold. We wanted that happiness to shine through in his personality and attitude."

This is someone's job. They put on clothes and commuted to work to talk about the Kool-Aid Man. They sat around a table and tried to dig deep about what motivates the Kool-Aid man — what gets him out of bed in the morning, what does he read, what turns him on. They brainstromed and filled white boards with adjectives to describe him, and they did it with purpose and creativity. All to sell a shitty sugar-filled drink to kids. It just blows the mind.


But then — here I am, writing about the Kool-Aid Man, so what do I know?


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Lucky Frog

See, I hate this ad, because it looks like Kool-Aid Man is finally on his meds. No more manic episodes, no more passion. The part where he plows through the front door makes it look like he's Xanax-ed to the gills.