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Some Unsolicited Ideas for the Real World 'Revival'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s 2018 and you can watch millions of strangers argue with each other on camera the minute you open your iPhone. And yet MTV wants to bring back The Real World. Again.

Continuing on the path of rebooting classic MTV franchises like My Super Sweet 16 and Jersey Shore, the channel is looking to bring back The Real World; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the target is streaming services.

Technically the show didn’t even go anywhere—it just finished it’s 32nd season Real World Seattle: Bad Blood last year—so I guess “coming back for another season” means “revival” now. Thirty-two seasons is a hell of a long time to run a show and as my colleague Clover Hope pointed out, nobody even knows what the show is even supposed to be anymore. Is it a show about strangers from different walks of life coming together to fight over their political ideologies? Some wacky setup where you’re forced to live with your ex? Is it a competition???


Since they’ve thrown the formula out the window, here are some ideas on how the Real World can stay relevant in 2018:

  • Housemates should try to make as many future reaction .gifs as possible out of their performance during the show.
  • Incorporate some soothing montages where the housemates have to bake British tea loaves. Now that’s good TV.
  • Mutha RuPaul runs the house and teaches everyone to love themselves.
  • Real World takes place on Mars, our future home. Give us Real World: Mars with Elon Musk and Grimes in the house.
  • The Real World contestants don’t even live in a house; they just have to stay at all times in the same group Twitter DM, and we just watch those DMs unfold. Riveting.
  • Real World: Nuclear Bunker. Topical!

Just let me know where I can send my invoice for these ideas.