What the Hell Has The Real World Turned Into?

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MTV’s Real World producers, still desperate to appeal to bored millennial viewers, are switching up the seven-strangers-in-a-home format once again. Unfortunately, the germ-infested hot tub is running extremely dry.


In the original, now-defunct Real World format, seven weirdos, idiots, losers and racists from various backgrounds were forced to live and work together. The show began its descent into nothingness years ago, but the last two seasons tried experimenting—first, Real World: Ex-Plosion, which surprised the roommates with their exes, and then Real World: Skeletons, which paired the roomies with their enemies while exposing their darkest secrets.

In the upcoming season, shot in Las Vegas for a third time, the cast mates will face a set of challenges and either have to complete them or be ousted from their beautiful garbage house. The idea is “go big or go home.” One long dare contest. Isn’t this basically the premise of The Challenge?

MTV promises “a wild, adrenaline-filled season that will confront their hopes, fears and anxieties.”

From the onset, the gang will be tasked with a series of challenging group or individual missions (from jumping out of a hot air balloon to performing at a strip club) but always abide by the same rule: If they can’t complete the mission, they are sent home and another roommate will take their spot.

The season 31 roommates are named Sabrina, Chris, Kailah, Dean, Jenna, CeeJai and Dione. But of course, instead of the show’s reputation-making mix of intellectuals and crazies, the cast selection has long devolved into trashy archetypes.

All we have left of The Real World are the memories of its greatest seasons (New York, Miami and the original Las Vegas). This weird new edition premieres on March 17.


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What was everyones favorite season of real world?! I think mine was Boston.