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SoHo Couple Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Woman at Sundance Extradited to Utah

Screenshot via NY Daily News.
Screenshot via NY Daily News.

Anne Hardcastle and Michael Taylor were arrested on September 9, for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman they met at a bar during the Sundance Film Festival. On Wednesday, they were sent to Utah separately, where they will face charges in object rape and forcible sexual abuse, with Hardcastle facing additional charges for forcible sodomy.

At police officer’s urging, the unnamed accuser stayed in contact with Hardcastle after the alleged attack took place in January, as she tried to piece together what happened that night. Prosecutors say the couple invited the woman to a Sundance afterparty, but claimed they had to detour to their hotel room first. Once there, they gave her alcohol and ecstasy, and she says she blacked out.

According to the New York Daily News, the next morning, the woman went to the hospital where she was treated for “scratches, suction marks, bruises, bite marks and acute vaginal pain.” It’s possible that the couple would never have been charged if Hardcastle hadn’t contacted the alleged victim on Instagram, writing, “You said you liked it rough and so I gave you what you wanted.”

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