A Couple Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Forcing a Utah Woman Into a Threesome at Sundance

Screenshot via New York Daily News.
Screenshot via New York Daily News.

New York couple Anne Hardcastle, 27, and Michael Taylor, 45, have been arrested and are awaiting extradition to Utah for their alleged attack on a woman last January.


The alleged victim told police that she met Hardcastle and Taylor at a Park City bar during the Sundance Film Festival, which is why the couple was in the area. Taylor bought them several rounds of drinks, then invited the woman to join the couple at a Sundance after party. She agreed, but they told her they needed to make a brief detour to her hotel room.

According to the New York Daily News, once in the hotel room, they continued to drink and she was given ecstasy. The couple apparently suggested a threesome. Alarmed, the woman texted two friends saying she’d need a ride home soon. She told prosecutors that before she could get away, “everything went black.”

The woman says she woke up in bed with Hardcastle, fled to a friend’s house, then went to the hospital. Police met her at Park City Medical Center, where she exhibited “scratch marks all over her upper body, suction marks on her neck, bruises and bite marks on her arm, a bitten lower lip and acute vaginal pain.”

While at the hospital, the woman received an Instagram request from Hardcastle, and according to prosecutor’s claims, a message that read, “You said you liked it rough and so I gave you what you wanted.” Detectives encouraged the woman to stay in touch with Hardcastle in order to piece together what happened that night, but it took until last Friday to make the arrest.

Hardcastle admits to performing oral sex on the alleged victim, and “molesting” her. Taylor also admits to having touched her. They are being charged with object rape and forcible sodomy, and object rape and forcible sexual abuse, respectively. Taylor is a former pro hockey player and currently works at a financial firm. The couple has been dating for several years. They’re being held without bail.



Can we not call two people raping another person a theesome? Jesus.