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So Wonderful: Family Reunited with Cat Eight Years After He Ran Away

Illustration for article titled So Wonderful: Family Reunited with Cat Eight Years After He Ran Away

A belated Christmas miracle, everyone! A family who lost their cat about eight years ago, was recently reunited with him at San Francisco's Animal Care and Control.


What had happened was, Vanilla, a 9-year-old Siamese cat, escaped from his original owners arms and made a dash for it. The family put up signs and scoured Sausalito, the Northern California town where they lived at the time, in search of him. But no dice, Vanilla was long gone. Sadness.

Then, in early December of this year, SFACC got a call to remove a cat from the San Francisco home of a man with dementia. And the cat? The cat was Vanilla! How he ended up livina with a man across the Golden Gate Bridge is a mystery, but the second he got to the shelter, officers scanned him for a microchip, and called his original owners. They'd relocated to Southern California but they made the trip north to pick up the cat they lost eight years ago. Awww.


The SF Appeal has a slideshow of the heartwarming reunion and it's pretty special. So cool!

I wonder what Vanilla saw during all that time — do you think he travelled the whole world on a boat and got married and divorced several times? Do you think he fought in World War Dog, and danced sexy in a German cabaret? How many Vanilla Jr.s did he sire?? I guess we'll never know.

Congrats to Vanilla and his new old family. To meowvelous (??) fresh starts in 2013!

[SF Appeal]

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Anybody here have indoor/outdoor cats? I've only ever had one cat, so maybe he is an anomaly, but he is indoor/outdoor and was super easy to train that way. I got him when he was a kitten and just made sure to take him outside and play with him out there (I kept him on a leash for the first few weeks).

Now he is 10 and he loves going out to hunt, roam, and potty, then come in to socialize and eat. The longest he's ever been gone without returning is 48 hours, but that was only once. During the summer he'll go out most of the day/night (whichever he prefers) and during the winter he stays in except for very short stints for pottying.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ever met anyone else with a cat like this. So does anyone have indoor/outdoor cats?