'So Cunt' Is the Summer Jam of 2013

How fishy is she? Well, she's even got a hook in her mouth. (Hell yeah she does.)


Looking like a walking desert, Levonia Jenkins is serving up unrealness with the hottest, catchiest summer jam that makes Blurred Lines sound like your uncle's accordion rendition of CeCe Penniston's Finally at your bat mitzvah.

Suri Cruise, Suri Cruise, Suri Cruise.

[via Pandora Boxx]



So it would be one thing if they were using the word cunt in positive terms and people tried to justify it as re-appropriation of the word, but Levonia is described as being so so so cunt because he is a hot mess and wears a terrible weave. This isn't like a "cunt power" anthem, it's like the equivalent of what ratchet used to mean, and it's not a good thing.

The bad thing about the word cunt isn't that it means vagina, it's that people are using a word that means vagina to imply something is negative or gross, or dirty. The allusions to fishy smell and being cunty aren't subverting or undermining anything, they are being disrespectful of vaginas in the exact same way that people have always been disrespectful of female genitalia.