Snuggly Stray Cat Visits Pet Shop Daily for Snacks and Scratches

This might not be a full-on evening cry, but it definitely qualifies as a evening sniffle. Single tear.


Let the story of Graham the cat warm your heart on this chilly fall morning:

Staff at a pet shop have told how a cheeky moggy who visits every DAY has become their most loyal customer. The ginger-and-white tom — nicknamed 'Graham' — turns up every morning and waits outside the superstore like an eager shopper. When the doors open at 9 am the brazen moggy strolls inside the shop and wanders around the aisles. Since his first visit several months ago Graham has become a regular at the shop — where he will spend hours at a time.


Aww, Graham. You handsome tom! I would love for you to visit me but you are on a different continent and also my dogs are asshole who would probably eat you like the assholes they are. Assholes.

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We just sent our 19-year-old guy to the great beyond today. He was the best and was cheeky enough to have done this, if he had been a downtown cat in his younger days. He was such an attention whore too.

Here he is scissoring with his little gray brother. :-(