Snoop Dogg Tricked Matthew McConaughey Into Smoking a Lot of Weed, and Hilarity Ensued

Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey tell stories like people who have been friends for thirty years, and Jimmy Kimmel is like a new acquaintance politely smiling and nodding at that bit they’ve got about their crazy weekend in Florida while actually not listening and instead mentally calculating what time he can be in bed if he leaves in 15 minutes.  


On Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Snoop and McConaughey told Jimmy many tales of raucous hi jinx on the set of the new Harmony Korine movie, Beach Bum. One of them involves Snoop Dogg pulling a hilarious prank by switching out prop weed for “Snoop weed,causing McConaughey to black out for half a day and record seven rap songs. Sounds workplace appropriate and not at all exhausting for dozens of people working behind the scenes 13 hours straight with an actor too high to say his scripted lines!

Additionally, Snoop Dogg describes his relationship with Jimmy Buffet, who is also in the film, as “a culmination of spirits that deserved each other.”

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There is something incredibly charming about Katie Holmes’s choice of strolling hat and just the whole relationship between her and Jamie Foxx in general. What’s she pointing at, you reckon?

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  • Gaga broke off her engagement because he wouldn’t stop texting, stop texting, and she didn’t wanna talk anymore. (I’m sorry, but surely you see there was no other appropriate description for this item.) [Us Weekly]
  • I don’t understand this Joe Jonas cake smash, and I won’t respond to it. [Us Weekly]
  • I am not being at all sarcastic when I say I want my house to look like Drew Barrymore’s grandma’s house. [People]



Yeah, I don’t think anyone has ever had to “trick” Matty McC into anything involving pot.