Snooki Gets a Makeunder From XOJane's New Beauty Site

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Today, Say Media launched its new beauty site—an offshoot of XOJane called XOVain—with a makeunder of Snooki. As far as celebrities with over-the-top looks go, Snooki seems like a real "get." With all of her artifice—extensions, acrylic nails, false lashes, pushup bra, etc.—it would seem that she could be dramatically (and easily) stripped down to reveal the raw, natural beauty lurking beneath those layers of bronzer.

However, the end result was like:


I mean, there are ways to appear maternal and more mature without looking like a dead Tuscan housfrau. Maybe trying to make her ghost-like was the only way they could think of to counteract Snooki's extreme tan? The editors put her in a slightly yellowed vintage Filipino wedding dress that they were apparently super in to and spent the entire day trying to find. Aside from Snooki's (correct) estimation that it was "disgusting," a wedding gown just seems like the antithesis of a makeunder. Also, they put lipgloss on her eyelids.

Ultimately, they did make her look different, which is the goal I suppose. Perhaps it just speaks to the notion that Snooki just isn't as appealing without all the flash and trash that made us fall in love with her.

The Very First xoVain Makeunder: Snooki!!! [XOVain]

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This kind of reminds me of the people I went to high school with who are in their mid-twenties now and still wear a thin rim of black eyeliner (regardless of whether or not black compliments their skin tone/hair color, etc), thick black mascara, one shade of frosty white eyeshadow over the entire lid, and super thick foundation. Every day. I just want to reach through the computer screen with some more complimentary products.

Was this "the look" at any one else's high school?