"And then there's the Nisha call."

Alright you Serial fans who are kind of disappointed you didn't get the resolution you wanted but somehow feel fulfilled for spending 10-12 hours learning about a 15-year-old murder case, and more importantly are willing to put up with yet another Serial spoof. Check out Cecily Strong's beautifully on-point Sarah Koenig impression and take yourselves on a wild (sleigh) ride, trying to figure out how exactly this Kris Kringle character could deliver so many toys to so many people.


Other notes from the Amy Adams-hosted Christmas episode: Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen and Mike Meyers made some fun cameos and One Direction's fanbase went nuts on Twitter when they found out a sketch 1D was supposed to appear in was cut for time but another very bizarre but probably much better sketch aired. AHAHAHAH.

Also, I feel like the "Office Christmas Party" was supposed to be the hit of the show, but considering the legacy of Lonely Island, it just falls flat despite Aidy Bryant tackling a Christmas tree.