Serial: What If We Never Learn Who Killed Hae Min Lee?!?

Illustration for article titled iSerial: /iWhat If We Never Learn Who Killed Hae Min Lee?!?

America's favorite murder mystery podcast Serial airs its finale on Thursday and the waiting is almost more than I can bare. Who killed Hae Min Lee? Adnan? Jay? Stephanie? The Best Buy pay phone? Argh. Thankfully Funny or Die chose to make fun of us Serial fans and our anxiety in a spoof about show host Sara Koenig.


My favorite line:

I mean, I just didn't do it. I'm like way to well spoken to be, like, a murderer, do you know what i mean? - spoof Adnan to spoof Sarah



Image via Funny or Die.


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I've enjoyed the first season of 'Serial' and look forward to the next season, but I've never thought of it as a murder mystery. Going in, I didn't expect a grand reveal in the final episode, a moment where Koenig assembles all the interviewed individuals in a tasteful British country estate parlor, pulls out a pipe and a note pad, and gradually talks us all through both whodunnit and howdunnit. To me, 'Serial' is an exploration of journalism, of the messy process getting the story creates, and an exploration of doubt and certainty. In a time when getting hits matters more than getting facts, and where speed outweighs the need for accuracy, it was interesting to see a reporter build a journalistic piece over a period of months knowing that, when the last line is written, there will be no buried lede or grand reveal.

That said, I would love it if she'd just rip off Jay's mask, Scooby-style, and declare he was Vincent Price the entire time.