Snag That Dream Job: Ramona Singer Appears to Be Seeking a 'Tough Skinned' Assistant

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Thanks to a helpful tipster, Jezebel has discovered that Real Housewives star Ramona Singer—or a brilliant psychopath posing as Real Housewives star Ramona Singer—has put out a Craigslist ad for “Assistant to Celebrity.” Guys, my head is spinning! Can this be real?

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If you’ll recall, Ramona recently had some difficulties with a sponsored post, accidentally publishing a photo on Instagram that included the company’s instructions for her caption. Clearly, the woman needs a helping hand.


Are you interested in supplementing the extremely limited writing and reading comprehension skills of Ramona Singer with your own? Are you interested in using those skills to get into Twitter feuds with Dorinda Medley on Ramona Singer’s behalf, and to write Instagram captions promoting White With Style teeth whitener? Are you interested in learning more about the tiny rotating group of portly tax criminals who have sex with Ramona Singer and also with all of her friends? Are you interested in taking an enormous amount of stinging personal criticism, delivered with a weird shifty smile and bulging eyes?

The answer to all of these questions should be yes.

Please be sure to keep me updated on the progress of your applications.

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i’ll need time and a half during turtle time.