As she promised yesterday, Miley Cyrus' video for her single "We Can't Stop" was released Wednesday. And as the lyrics indicate, it is Miley's party and she can do whatever she wants and what she wants is to have a totally weird party.


With a randomness about it not unlike Ashlee Simpson's surrealist video "Outta My Head", "We Can't Stop" includes: EOS lipbalm, Beats (formerly by Dre), Miley's butt in white spandex, a large LED light with the F in FUCK blurred out, potential furry love, continued proof that Miley can twerk, the word twerk written in Spaghettios, cooking marshmallows in candles, making skulls out of french fries, a perhaps symbolic fake slicing of fingers prompting pink goo to squirt out, taxidermied animals, some passing out in a pool, carbo-loading on white bread, play wrestling and sticking out a tongue while throwing up hand signals.

Final verdict: Spraying smoke from your crotch is the new spraying whipped cream from your tits.

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