Miley Cyrus Attempts to Get Us Psyched About 'We Can't Stop,' Fails

Here's the thing about a song called "We Can't Stop." It ought to sound unstoppable, like a full-throttle freight train. Instead, Miley's new track sounds like a sleepytime stoned wind-down. But Miley is pushing the hell out of this single, and has dropped a couple of teaser videos to get you excited.


In one teaser, seen above, Miley lipsyncs while wearing a mesh sports jersey, a black ski hat in the style favored by Treach from Naughty By Nature and a delicate cocktail veil. She won't stop, you guys.

Another teaser from the video shoot reveals the crazy shit Miley and her friends do in their free time: Jump into a pool with their clothes on.

Edgy. Someone call the cops.

Miley's also been posting sexay shots from the video on Twitter, with the hashtag #wecantstop. Looks like she did stop… in the midst of putting her clothes on.

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Again, for the record, the song (you can listen to the underwhelming thing in its entirety here) is NOT FAST ENOUGH. With lyrics like "It’s our party we can do what we want," if she really wants to be wild thuggy party girl celebrating freedom-from-the-chains-of Disney, her single should sound like this.

But stay tuned: The full video comes out Thursday.


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Pope Alexander

"Get Lucky" is clearly Song of the Summer. Nice try, Miley.