Siri Will Correct People Who Try to Use Caitlyn Jenner's Former Name

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Siri, queen of shade, is not afraid to put ignorant fuckheads in their places when they need to be put there. Last week, she railed against people who didn’t know you can’t divide zero by zero. This week, we’re learning she will not tolerate transphobia.


If you ask Siri anything about “Bruce Jenner,” users have recently discovered that she will automatically correct your inquiry to be about Caitlyn.


According to The Verge, Siri hasn’t always been so tolerant:

Back in April, users noticed that the Russian language version of Siri was responding to questions about topics like gay marriages and gay bars with homophobic answers like, “I believe this emotion should be considered negative.” I’m not sure how Siri’s responses regarding Jenner would change with language, but I’m inclined to believe that they’d depend on the source of the information rather than the input language itself. The answers to my own questions about Jenner were sourced from WolframAlpha and English Wikipedia rather than any special programming on Apple’s part.


Either way, at least American Siri knows what’s up.

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Siri is trying to erase history! Quick, someone explain that the confederate flags can’t melt steel beams! The civil war wasn’t about Olympic medals! Rabble rabble!