The second episode of the new season of Jersey Shore was way better than last week's premiere, mostly because the entire cast was wasted for the whole thing. It's not necessarily their drunken buffoonery that it made it better (although, honestly, it helped a lot) but really, with their filters turned off and their collective guard down, they just seem much more honest and the story lines that emerged seemed way less contrived. Even being forced to revisit Sammi and Ronnie drama was more pleasant than having to watch The Situation create camera time for himself by pretending he's in love with Snooki, because it was so much more genuine. Thankfully, so far, Ronnie has put the brakes on the Sammi drama so we can be spared at least one more episode of "I'm done," but unfortunately, we know it's not going to last.

In the meantime, we can enjoy Single Ronnie, who evidently "gives attitude" by vogueing in people's faces.