Show Us Your Halloween Costume and Your Baby's Costume and Your Cat's Costume!

Screenshot: NBC

Who among us is immune to the powers of Halloween, the one day that truly celebrates freaks, allowing us to really let our creativity run wild all while indulging in a shit ton of candy? Celebrities go nuts for costumes and y’all do too—just take a peep at Jezebel reader thetallblonde’s Postmates Malone look, planned well before the rapper made headlines for spending $40,000 on the delivery service in a year.

All of this is to say: puns almost always make for a good costume, but so does anything categorically strange or slutty or silly. And for that reason, we wanna see your 2018 Halloween costumes. And your kids’ costumes! And your dog’s! And cat’s! Your Aunt’s! (With her permission, of course.) Even if the outfits in question are kinda crappy and half-assed, we wanna see it, too.


Let’s start things off with some staff costumes:

Megan was Justin Bieber (and then not-Justin Bieber) eating a burrito sideways like a demon.

Lisa (middle) went as Aaahh!!! Real Monsters with her pals—she’s the ever iconique Ickis.


Clover deserves to EGOT for her John Legend/Jesus Christ Superstar take:

Screenshot: Clover Hope

Ashley was Katinka Ingabogovinanana from Zoolander (her Boyf, Rob, was Mugatu.)


What timely pop culture reference did you decide to try your hand at this October? Let’s see ‘em.

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