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Shout Of Tequila: Tila's Mad, Sad, & Optimistic About The Afterlife

Illustration for article titled Shout Of Tequila: Tilas Mad, Sad,  Optimistic About The Afterlife

Tila Tequila has been blogging furiously, attacking her late fiancée Casey Johnson's exes, friends, and family, and promising that "our wedding will be even more beautiful in Heaven and Marilyn Monroe can be my Maid of Honor." [Tila's Hot Spot]


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Here is what has been bugging me and I would love to get a few responses:

I have several friends who are lesbian and as a native New Yorker I know many more lesbians on a casual basis...both at work and at play.

But I've never met anyone who randomly bounces back and forth between men and women.

Can that be considered normal or is that a sign of mental instability?

I've been asking my gay friends and they all tell me there is no such thing as a bisexual unless you are in transition.