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Did you even have time to miss it?

At the end of May, online teen retailer Shop Jeen’s website was suddenly taken down; days later, founder Erin Yogasundram announced via Snapchat that the company had gone on temporary hiatus. Now, less than a month later, the shop is back, or will be, on Friday, June 17.


In yet another Snapchat statement, Yogasundram outlines the terms of the company’s return: “We’ve pivoted our business model to only feature print-on-demand products,” she said, possibly referring to the process of individually screen-printing items of clothing. “Companies have found this model is a great solution to all the challenges that an inventory-holding multi-vendor retailer faces. This means that we will always be able to meet the demand and always be able to fulfill orders in a timely manner.”

Yogasundram mentions a new platform and partner, but doesn’t give any information about who that partner might be.


She goes on to apologize to customers who were affected by “internal challenges” leading to their orders not being filled, or refunds not being granted. Yogasundram says the company will be reaching out to everyone affected by Friday, but unhappy customers can also email

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I don’t know what these words are. Is this like a Sears Roebuck catalogue? Where are my glasses?