Sherri Shepherd's Ex Still Wants Her to Be Surrogate Baby's Legal Mom

Sherri Shepherd’s child by a surrogate mother has a name, Lamar Sally, Jr. Her ex-husband named the child after himself and says Sherri was prepared to “love” the newborn. As for Shepherd – who appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Wednesday morning – she gave no comment on either Lamar.


In an interview with People, Sally says that Shepherd knew the child, conceived without her egg, was coming and promised to “love the baby like it's mine.” This is was before they legally separated, filling in two different states, Sally in California and Shepherd in New Jersey. California is surrogacy-friendly and New Jersey is not.


Now, as the couple cruises toward divorce, things still aren't cut and dry. Sherri has yet to meet baby L.J. but Sally wants to put her name on his birth certificate.

"I think it's the worst thing in the world for L.J. to look at his birth certificate at 16 and see it says, 'Mother unknown,' " says Sally.

That might be terrible but his request is also most likely tied to identifying Shepherd as L.J’s mother, thereby making her financially responsible for child support.

Meanwhile, the couple’s divorce proceeding are still up in the air regarding where and when it will happen. Shepherd won her other legal battle to keep custody of her 9-year-old son Jeffrey from her first husband, also named Jeffrey. The men she picks really like their own names, don't they?


The surrogacy battle begins in Pennsylvania on October 2. Gird your loins.

PS: Shepherd also did the polite thing and said The View's new hosts will get their footing eventually. Here's hoping.

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Seize: it's about ethics in gossip journalism

Honestly, if you put a bun in the oven, you are responsible for child support. If it can be proven that Shepherd gave her informed consent and initiated the pregnancy process as a full partner in the endeavor, then she should accept her legal responsibility as the child's guardian and the associated financial responsibilities, regardless of her relationship to the child's other parent.

It's a baby, not a commodity. You can't just "send it back!"