Shannen Doherty Is the Only Person Who Gets It

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Our nostalgia wells have been drained dry with all the reboots, re-imaginings, reconstructions and revivals of old movies and beloved TV shows. It doesn’t matter how much viewers complain, it will only stop when someone at the top puts their foot down, like Shannen Doherty.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Doherty might be willing to return for a Heathers reboot, but she draws the line at coming back for Charmed. The show about three witch sisters ended 11 years ago—which in our current era of media resurrection is like, two centuries—but for her, 11 years is still too soon:

“It’s not happening,” Doherty, 46, told THR from the red carpet at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation benefit before teasing something less definitive. “I mean, I just don’t ever foresee it happening now.” Why? “It would be far too soon, but I also don’t think you need the original cast for a reboot. I know our fans really want us back, but who knows? We were basically a reboot of Practical Magic in its own way, so they could redo it, but now it should just rest.”

Calling Charmed a reboot of Practical Magic is my favorite burn from an actor about their own series since Kim Cattrall with Sex and the City. She’s right! No matter how sexy and gritty they are, we don’t need anymore reboots. At last, someone with some stake in a franchise speaks the truth.

And before you razz Doherty for her willingness to drag Heathers back from the dead, please read her much nicer thoughts about getting back to work after her battle with cancer:

“I want more,” she says of acting work. “Heathers is just the start for me. It’s dipping my toe back into the water, and guess what? It’s the perfect temperature and I’m really happy. … When you go through something like cancer, it opens the floodgates and you are forever changed, and it has brought a different aspect to me as a person, and I want to show that in my work. I have a lot more to dig down deep into.”

Who knows, Doherty may eventually dig down so deep she taps into a new nostalgia source for all of us, and Charmed will be turned into an interactive 4D movie experience. Meanwhile, let’s recast a potential reboot in the comments, because it probably will be announced in the next six months anyway.



Practical Magic > Charmed

ETA: And you won’t convince me otherwise. Charmed didn’t have Stockard Channing.