Shannen Doherty Has Settled Her Lawsuit Against Her Former Manager

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Image via Getty

The lawsuit that Shannen Doherty filed against her ex-manager earlier this month for allegedly messing with her health insurance has been settled for an undisclosed sum.

Doherty filed the lawsuit against the firm Tanner, Mainstain, Glynn & Johnson, claiming they “mismanaged her insurance premiums and let her policy lapse at a critical time when doctors could’ve done an early detection of her breast cancer.”

The actress revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she had a double mastectomy and was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer that had also spread to her lymph nodes. The cancer was apparently diagnosed during a time when she didn’t have health insurance as a result of the firm’s mismanagement.


Both sides of the case decided to settle late last week, hopefully leaving Doherty to recover in peace.


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