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Shameless Star Emma Kenney Joins the Cast of Roseanne

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

The Roseanne revival keeps chug-chug-chugging along, despite hiccups like dead main characters, too many Beckys, and the main protagonist’s love of our nightmare president. The reboot is actually following the next generation of the Connors, which means we need fresh blood. Welcome Emma Kenney of Shameless to a new dysfunctional family.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kenney will be playing Harris, the daughter of David and Darlene. In Season 9 of the original Roseanne, Darlene gave birth to Harris dangerously early, but she did okay and now here she is all grown up. It sounds like her current character is a Darlene mini-me:

In the revival, Harris is a recent transplant from Chicago to Lanford, Ill., and not necessarily happy about it. She is determined to do better than her parents and grandparents. Her choices from clothes to friends should represent her drive to move up the socioeconomic ladder. She vacillates between typical teenage acting out to showing she actually has a big heart.


Harris will also have a little brother named Mark, played by newcomer Ames McNamara. It hasn’t been confirmed that Johnny Galecki will be making an appearance, because he’s pretty busy counting his piles of money from The Big Bang Theory, but it sounds like he’ll at least roll through. Kenney has played Debbie Gallagher of Showtime’s Shameless for the show’s full run, so she has all the experience she needs playing in an ensemble of struggling weirdoes.

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i’m going to need everyone to stop reminding me that Roseanne supported Trump, because i’ve been binge watching Roseanne on Prime for the last couple of weeks and that show was both brilliant and feminist AF (i know, i know - i won’t hit that last season for a little while yet)