Roseanne Promises Roseanne Won't Be About Trump

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A Roseanne revival was confirmed in mid-May, causing many to ask, “Who is playing Becky?” and, “Will the show reflect Roseanne Barr’s political beliefs?”


Those political beliefs remain murky. Barr told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 that while she wasn’t explicitly a Trump supporter, she would be happy if he won, saying, “I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.”

It doesn’t seem she has ever said she fully supports Trump, and after the backlash to those comments came out, Barr tweeted this confusing clarification:


Vulture reports that Barr has been getting a lot of questions about the political leanings of the Connor family in the upcoming reboot, leading her to finally tweet that her show is not about the president, it’s about a “midwestern family.”

So... Trump voters? Barr may not be an open Trump supporter herself, but her timeline on Twitter is full of ugly comments about liberals, immigrants, and breathless support for racist cookie monster, Jeff Sessions:


If you grew up with Roseanne the sitcom, it’s hard to admit that the characters we enjoyed for so many years maybe weren’t what we thought, but that’s also a feeling many people got familiar with after the election last November.

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Cherith Cutestory

Roseanne Barr can fuck off.

But I don’t think it means the characters aren’t what we thought. Roseanne Connor was pro-choice, had gay, bi and lesbian friends, harassed a congressman door to door about his plans to hand tax breaks to big corporations, called out domestic violence. All during a time when most sitcoms weren’t very political.

Which makes this more sad. But nothing can ruin them for me.