Shake-Ups Occur At British and Italian Vogue, and Now Naomi Campbell Is a Columnist

Grace Coddington (left) and you know who on the right / Image via Getty
Grace Coddington (left) and you know who on the right / Image via Getty

Just a few days after Lucinda Chambers wrote a fantastic, bridge-burning confessional essay about being fired from British Vogue, the magazine has announced some of its new hires.

Grace Coddington, the American Vogue editor who you might fondly remember as being Anna Wintour’s polar opposite in the documentary The September Issue, will return to British Vogue as a contributor, according to Womens Wear Daily. Film director Steve McQueen and models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell will also now be contributing editors, so now you probably shouldn’t expect to see Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Coco Rocha wearing bright purple lipstick or assistants in the magazine. Sorry, them’s the rules!

Over in Italy, Vogue Italia has also undergone a transformation at the hands of new editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti. The title is now reportedly a bigger magazine with heavier, glossier paper. There’s also a “Manifesto” page that includes an open letter criticizing Italy’s art and culture minister Dario Franceschini for the government failing to promote LGBT tourism in the country. I can see Anna now, keeping her shaded eyes on Vogue Italia before it becomes a radical Italian political zine.

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Any one else get a mental chuckle thinking of the original Steve McQueen editing Vogue? No? Just me? Ok. Nevermind...