Shailene Woodley Has Officially Diverged From the Divergent Franchise

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The third movie in the Divergent trilogy starring Shailene Woodley, Allegiant, ate shit in the box office. There was supposed to be a part two of Allegiant, but the disappointing returns led producers to reconsider its potential as a made for TV movie, or perhaps a pilot to introduce a new series. Woodley has officially confirmed she is too good for that.

Vanity Fair reports that Woodley was asked on the red carpet for Big Little Lies on Tuesday if she’d be involved with the final installment. “No,” she replied, “I’m not going to be on the television show.”

Woodley said as much last September to Screenrant, stating, “I didn’t sign up to be in a television show. Out of respect to the studio and everyone involved, they may have changed their mind and may be doing something different, but I’m not necessarily interested in doing a television show.”


In August, Variety reported that Woodley as well as her Divergent actor Miles Teller found out about the new plans not long before everyone did. Maybe Woodley hates TV; maybe she just hates surprises.

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LOl, Allegiant was the 3rd movie. That’s how forgettable these have been. The 2nd was Insurgent. They split the third book into 2 films trying to get more money. Whoopsies on their part.