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This week’s Inside Amy Schumer featured a sketch about an important issue that many don’t know about: the death of hundreds of thousands of women in sexy rodeo accidents. Accidents that end not just in painful deaths, but embarrassing ones, as less attractive women are gored and decapitated by mechanical bulls in bars. At the end of the sketch, viewers were encouraged to visit to learn more. But the website isn’t what it seems.


Because of who I am and how I roll, my demands that my coworkers visit a website called at 9 am in the morning was met with a lot of silence and, I imagine, shaking of heads and shuffling of papers in the New York office. But that’s exactly what’s so great about the site (and of Amy Schumer’s writers). You expect to go to a site and see something gross or funny but what you get instead is something even better. You get the “pay equality and discrimination” page of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s website. Anyone looking for an actual sexy rodeo near them is way out of luck.

I called the IWPR to inquire as to whether they knew about the site and were involved and spoke to a woman named Jenny, who seemed amused that someone was calling to talk about it. According to Jenny, the amount of traffic that Schumer’s sketch generated actually crashed the IWPR’s website.


“It’s brilliant,” she said. “Whoever did it is brilliant.”

“It’s the best thing on the internet this week,” I told her.

“I concur,” she said.

So there’s more proof about what an impact Amy Schumer is having on society. While it might have been disappointing for some to discover that sexy rodeos were not a thing that needed to be stopped, it’s likely that some fans stayed and read the page to be enlightened about the issues facing women today. Keep killing it, Amy Schumer!

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Well THAT’S brilliant. Oh hey I’ve got a future hire for them.