Sex Tape Scandal Made Paris Hilton Feel Like Less Of A Princess

Last night, Paris and her mom Kathy sat down for what turned out to be a very candid interview with Piers Morgan, where the two women talked extensively about how the 2004 sex tape 1 Night in Paris—which catapulted her to worldwide fame—affected her life negatively, admitting that they sought therapy as a family to deal with the aftermath. Kathy broke down in tears while Paris made a frowny face at her mother. She said that one of the devastating things about the scandal was that, "When I was a little girl I looked up to people like Princess Diana and these women and I feel like [Rick Solomon] took that away from me."


But she mentioned that she's grown a thick skin over the years and weirdly kept pointing out that now that she's 30, she's an adult. (Because she didn't become one 12 years ago at the age of 18?) She and her mother also insisted that the public has such a warped perception of Paris as being this out-of-control party girl when really she's a "business woman." No one mentioned her stint in jail stemming from a DUI in 2007 or that she was arrested for cocaine possession nine months ago. When asked about whether the fame she's attained has been worth her mother's tears Paris said, "Everything bad that could happen to a person has happened to me."



I have to say if you watch the sex tape you can't help but feel bad for Paris. It's one of the saddest celebrity things I've ever seen. At one point she giving him a blow job and he says "you love doing that don't you?" She doesnt' say anything and he keeps asking and finally she says "no" and then he says 'so why are you doing it" and she says "because I love you" and he makes NO RESPONSE AT ALL.

In much of the rest of the footage it's clear that she really is into him, but he's completely distracted and makes no effort at all to say anything nice to her, do anything that might sexually please her or treat her as anything other than a living Fleshlight.