Sex Tape, a Highly Meta TV Show, Is Coming

Sex. Lies. Videotape. Andie McDowell. Image: Miramax
Sex. Lies. Videotape. Andie McDowell. Image: Miramax

How better to confront your issues, relationship or otherwise, than by filming yourself and your partner fighting, boning, and brushing your teeth, then watching that back with a therapist and two other couples?

While this sounds like a recipe for real-life disaster, it will certainly make excellent television. That’s what the creators of Sex Tape, a new reality show coming to American television, are hoping, at least. Deadline reports that the “provocative new hour-long social experiment reality series” is currently in production and even though it sounds truly horrifying, I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

Here’s how this will work:

Each episode features three couples who self-shoot their lives for an entire week — the ups, the downs, and yes, the sex. The couples then meet with a relationship expert to watch the footage…together (all three couples) — and then discuss and debate each other’s various relationship issues.


Let it be known that this sounds like very, very good television, but I cannot imagine a relationship weathering this very particular storm. Deadline points out that this premise is somewhat similar to the delightfully-named Sex Box, which features three couples litigating their issues with a panel of experts—but only after they’ve had sex in a giant, private box on a soundstage.

This is intimacy at its most naked and crass—but maybe watching the game tape of your relationship will rekindle some sort of flame or lay bare the gaping inadequacies in your partner, thus allowing you to free yourself from the shackles of that which is not working. Will it work? Will it be awful? I am eager to find out.

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