Sex Sent Me to the ER Featured a Woman Who Orgasmed for 3 Hours

Illustration for article titled emSex Sent Me to the ER/em Featured a Woman Who Orgasmed for 3 Hours

"There was nothing we could come up with to get me to stop orgasming," says Liz from Seattle during a segment from the most recent Sex Sent Me to the ER that is vividly recreated with a dramatization. "So I started trying to drink wine to see if that would calm down my system." Thus begins another installment of the once semi-legit TLC's latest garbage series.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, you can relive all the worst, most panicked moments of Liz's three-hour orgasm nightmare in a series of hilarious gifs. If you'd rather watch the dramatization itself and take bets with your friends on which cast member will eventually go on to win a Golden Globe (old lady in pea soup-green coat in the hospital waiting room), you can avail yourself of the clip below. If, however, you'd like to have some real fun, you can pretend that Liz's story is a "choose your own adventure" adult Goosebumps book and see if your choices land you in the ER or with a freaky new career as a constantly orgasming spokesperson for Ghirardelli's chocolate squares.


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As funny as this might seem, I'm sure it was scary at the time. One of the highs of an orgasms is the temporary loss of control. Few people, if they're being honest, would really like to have sexual release happen in non-sexual situations.