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'Sex Sent Me to the ER' Is Even Worse Than You Expect and It's GREAT

Illustration for article titled Sex Sent Me to the ER Is Even Worse Than You Expect and Its GREAT

At long last, the American public will finally have access to the kinds of trashy anecdotes long passed around med school study sessions and EMT break rooms. That's thanks to Sex Sent Me to the ER, a reality show set to premiere on TLC this Saturday.


And it's going to be even more ridiculous than you think. Hollywood Reporter has a clip from the first episode, featuring a botched threesome that metastasized into an emergency-room brawl. "So bad it's good" doesn't capture the transcendent shittiness of this reenactment, which apparently features the real doctor:


TLC should be legally compelled to issue a statement clarifying that they are no longer even remotely "The Learning Channel."

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Okay guys am I the only one that watches these things and wonders about the actors? Like the woman on I didn't know I was pregnant they had to audition for that shit. Did they have to sit and strain on a toilet for their audition? Do they put these things on a resume or clip reel?

I spend a lot of time wondering what these auditions are like.