New PETA Video Actually Tackles Animal Cruelty

This holiday season, instead of shoving naked women covered in cabbage down our throats, PETA has released a video that cuts (oof) to the chase about factory farming and animal cruelty.


In "Thanks! An Animated Trip to Holiday Slaughter," a blue-eyed blond-haired kid makes friends with a turkey, only to get swept into a processing plant assembly line, where his nose is cut off. Then he's electrocuted and dunked in boiling oil. Right before he's about to get cut up, his turkey friend saves him. From Copyranter:

The video is a collaboration between PETA, creative services agency Cutter, and visual production company Big Machine, with original music composed by Andrea Saparoff, according to their press release.


The video is also a departure from the sexy sex tactics PETA's known for, from baby penises and dicks and porn to teen sex. Finally, it seems to be about the animals. Let us all give thanks for that.



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Do they have a faux-cutesy video about the thousands of dogs and cats they kill and put in freezers for storage?

Fucking hypocrites. PETA is pointless now.