Server Fired For Confronting Customers Who Left Their Dog in the Car on a 90 Degree Day

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For everyone who’s ever naively asked “why don’t servers just say something when customers are total dicknozzles”—this would be why.


Cristal Perez had been working at a Millvale Millville, New Jersey Longhorn Steakhouse for a year and a half when she was fired last Sunday. Her crime: telling off a couple she was serving who had left their small dog locked in their car on a 90 degree day on Tuesday of that same week. Via Press of Atlantic City, Perez told the couple that what they were doing was “wrong” and that they were “lucky to be leaving before the cops came” (another couple allegedly called city police about the animal). The couple complained to Perez’s manager (because of course they did), upon which she received a four-day suspension. When she came back Sunday, she was terminated for “violating restaurant policy about giving customers a good dining experience.”*

Was the dog in danger? Depends on who you ask. A spokesman for Longhorn, which has apparently taken it upon itself to act as the customers’ PR team, insists that the air conditioning was on the entire hour the couple was in the restaurant and that the dog was never in any danger. Perez, on the other hand, claims the dog was panting heavily and looked to be in distress. Edit: As kinja user Jae (and others) point out, even if Longhorn’s claims are true, the customers in question are guilty of a crime (since every car I’m familiar with needs the engine running for the A/C to work) under New Jersey law by allowing their car to idle for more than 3 minutes. So, best possible interpretation for them, the customers are still extremely shitty people. Thanks, helpful readers!

When you consider that Longhorn is one of the many subsidiaries of Darden Restaurants (official corporate motto: “Our Employees Exist to Be Ground ‘Neath Our Iron Heel”**), this story isn’t particularly surprising. But while we can—and should—rag on Darden for this, because fuck Darden, it’s likewise important to note that the vast majority of corporate restaurant entities would’ve behaved the same way. Irrational terror of bad press is a pervasive part of the restaurant industry, and is the main cause of nearly every instance of a restaurant kowtowing to the whims of idiot customers.

The irony in this particular case is that firing a server for calling out a customer for a widely-loathed behavior (in this case, locking a dog in a car on a hot summer day) is likely to result in far, far worse PR for the company than had they not done so—and they’ll deserve every ounce of outrage they get.

* Excuse me, I need to go vomit for about an hour and a half after typing that sentence, even as a quote.

** This is sarcasm; “Our Employees Exist to Be Ground ‘Neath Our Iron Heel” is not actually Darden’s corporate motto. If you’re wondering why I feel the need to specify this, know that Darden are some litigious motherfuckers.


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So, I’m a dog groomer, I work with several other groomers. Last weekend we had 90+ degree heat and tons of humidity (for Michigan at least).

Our shop shares a parking lot with a restaurant, a spin class, and a hardware store. That weekend, some asshole left his dog in the parking lot in his black car, with the windows up. My co worker was about to head home with her dog when she saw the dog.

She brought her dog in, popped her in a crate, and her and the shop owner went on a hunt for the owner while I called the cops.

Police response time was impressive (liberal college town), they were there 10 minutes later and helped find the dog’s owner (altogether it took 25 minutes). The cops escorted him out of the hardware store.

His defense? “I was only in the store for 5 minutes”. They had been looking for him for 25 minutes. They had had the hardware store owners call over their loudspeaker for the person who drove *this car with this dog in it*. Motherfucker didn’t come out until the cops cornered him and made him come outside.

The cops let my boss and co worker yell at him and told him he was lucky they didn’t break the car window and ask questions later.

tl;dr If it's over 70 out and there's no shade and it will take longer than paying for gas, don't leave your dog in the car. If you have no choice and the AC is on and you have a spare key, leave a note and a phone number and listen to announcements.