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Serbian Pop Star Says Kim Kardashian's New Look Is a Complete Rip-Off

Illustration for article titled Serbian Pop Star Says Kim Kardashians New Look Is a Complete Rip-Off

Jelena Karleusa — a Serbian pop singer with the name of a super villain — has made some shocking accusations against the otherwise completely original Kim Kardashian: She claims that Kim's new bleached blonde image is a blatant theft of her own signature look


In order to convince fans (and everyone else on social media) that Mrs. West was "inspired" by Karleusa's platinum tresses and signature pouty look, the singer has been posting comparisons on Instagram and, to be quite honest, I'm having a hard time telling the two apart. At first I was all set to be all "haha, if you're going to accuse people with bleached hair of jacking your style then you should be mad at every 'cool girl' at my high school in 1998," but there are definitely some similarities between Kim and the veteran pop star.

Take a look:


And here's a collage that Karleusa put together during her time off from the studio. Can you spot Kim?

Karleusa says that while it's obvious that someone — maybe not Kim herself — trawled through her Instagram to come up with The Kardashian's new look, she doesn't feel upset or slighted. In fact, she thinks it's a compliment that one of America's biggest stars (for doing nothing) is copying her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

Image via Youtube

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Is this the same person who used to post here all the time talking about how Marc Jacobs ripped off her designs? I kinda hope so.