It's rare that you read about a senior prank that's a)not dangerous or incredibly stupid and b) actually funny (OMG LOL). Someone give the kids at Santa Barbara High School a prize, because they managed to pull off both.

Instead of greasing a pig and letting it loose through their hallways (not funny, dangerous) or taking craps all over classrooms (also not funny, potentially dangerous because poop) these students spent their hard-earned money to hire a Mariachi band to follow their principal around all day. That is awesome and I wish I had thought of it instead of spending my senior year cutting and eating ice cream behind the school.

I just hope this principal had some important meetings that day because nothing expresses the gravity of a statement such as "Ms. Griffin, we have to talk about Kyle" like being backed by the soothing sounds of violins and trumpets. Bravo, class of 2014!