Jack Harlow Speaks On New Album, Family Support, Lil Nas X, Drake Friendship + More

Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God followed up to ask if Harlow fancies Lipa, to which the rapper replied, “I admire her.”


That wasn’t the first time Harlow discussed his, uh, admiration for Lipa in public. On the red carpet of the Grammy Awards in April, Harlow told Extra that he was looking forward to seeing Lipa inside the auditorium. “I like Dua Lipa,” he said. “Nothing but respect for Dua Lipa.”

Jack Harlow Talks ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Reboot (Exclusive)

Well, it looks like Harlow’s months-long campaign has paid off if you believe the rumors (and why wouldn’t you?). This is (perhaps) the age of Harlipa. Lipa was most recently linked to Trevor Noah. She seems fun!

Cue the More You Know logo: Brendan Fraser’s last name is not pronounced like the show Frasier—it actually rhymes with “razor.”


And now you know.