Screw a Shrink, Girls’ Room Graffiti Will Show You the Way

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Have you ever gotten good advice while dropping a deuce at a dive bar? Have you ever pondered "Who is Luis, and why won't he call Terry?" and then scribbled "Fuck him, girl!" as a helpful reply? If you're a poet who practices while emptying your bowels into a toilet that hasn't been cleaned since the 60s — or if you're the type of lady who appreciates that type of lady — I've got something for you.

If you've ever dug your phone out of your bra to document some spectacular one-of-a-kind artwork or saying scribbled on a ladies room wall, you gotta check out Girls' Room Graff. The site already has some contenders for the best potty poets — "No Gods No Boyfriends" is amazing — but it appears they're looking for submissions. Could your phone camera currently contain a pic of the best girls' room graffiti in the nation? Share the joy.

[Girls' Room Graff]

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Sea Anemone

One of my favorite books is The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. The narrator* is an elderly lady who always makes it a point to narrate the graffiti in the restroom stalls. The book was published either in 2000 or 2001.

*There's more than one, but this is not a plot summary.