Schools in GQ's 'Best College Towns' List Under Investigation for Rape

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Men's magazine GQ has a feature titled "The Best College Towns in America." Which made us wonder: Do any of those towns host schools that are under Title IX investigation? Answer: Yes.


Three out of seven, in fact.

Of course, sexual misconduct/assault isn't mentioned in the piece; it's full of oh-so-bougie (read: oh-so-GQ) descriptions of these places (like visiting a "curated flea market" in Athens, Georgia). So which towns are the "Best"?


Boulder, CO

This spring, The Farm, a medical-marijuana dispensary that's less like a sketchy head shop and more like the J.Crew of pot, finally got its retail license. Alternatively, you can score from at least thirty retail stores in Denver, which you have to fly into anyway.

Unfortunately, the University of Colorado-Boulder is on the list of 55 schools with pending Title IX lawsuits that the Department of Education released in May. How's that for a buzz kill?


Berkeley, CA

"Shop like you're stocking your dorm room" here, says GQ, for vinyl, books, and nice sneakers.


And while you're there, check out the University of California-Berkeley, under investigation for its (no doubt) "shockingly inept" sexual assault resolution process.

Columbus, OH

In the quaint German Village neighborhood, across town from Ohio State, Katzinger's deli slings ten different Reuben sandwiches. Order yours (perhaps the rosemary-and-garlic roast beef with hot brisket, white Cheddar, slaw, and Russian dressing on grilled rye) to go. Grab a fistful of free whole pickles. Picnic in nearby Schiller Park.


You know what else is quaint? An ongoing federal investigation into how the university across the street handles sexual assault.

At least that's what people will hopefully say about these colleges in the future.


College towns without a current Title IX investigation: Durham, NC (though an expelled rapist from there recently sued for his degree so he could go into finance); Athens, GA; Ithaca, NY; Austin, TX; and Madison; WI. To be fair, GQ suggests visiting these towns when the students are gone. Sounds about right.

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Dolorous Bread

The original article is about The Best College Towns in America when the students are not there. It's a travel piece about cool college towns to visit when it's not full of college kids. Trying to link GQ's piece to some kind of endorsement for college rape is ridiculous, as is condemning tourism to an entire town because a college investigation.

This blog loves to shit on GQ every chance it gets but doesn't mention when they write the Tell Boys Not To Rape piece that we are always asking for.