Scenes From Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's Gross Music Video

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As reported early Thursday, the Terry Richardson-directed video for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's song "Do What You Want" was filmed and not released, presumably because of its idiotically tone-deaf content inspired by an idiotically tone-deaf song. Now TMZ has released segments of the video.


TMZ – an outlet that is really killing it lately with videos that aren't supposed to make it online – hasn't put out the whole video, just 33 second video of high quality clips from the original. It's likely they haven't released the whole thing because of copyright concerns (or because they want to tease the video and get double the traffic when they put out the full one later).

In the clips released we see Kelly playing Gaga's doctor, reaching under a sheet that covers her naked body on an operating table. "How does that feel?" he says. "Seems like that medicine is starting to kick in." Gaga responds with a dramatic sexual moan as she passes out. Stereotypically sexy nurses begin to party on top of her and around them, using her body like a prop.


The last moments are of Gaga writhing on fake papers with headlines like, "GAGA BARES ALL" as Richardson takes photos of her.

Good thing no one ever saw this video.

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Fractured Farina

I have gone from loving Gaga to being absolutely repelled by her. The incident with the woman vomiting on her and now this Terry Richardson/R. Kelly disaster? Please, go sit down, Gaga. If this is the best you can do, it's over.