Saturday Night Social: What Does This Mean

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Have you listened to Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica? I have, and in my professional opinion as a critic (I reviewed Tara Reid’s Sharknado tie-in fragrance for this site a couple years ago), it is quite simply great. Four stars! That’s out of four, you see.

But while the album certainly answers the question of whether Chromatica is good (yes), the Spotify liner notes for one of the songs off that album have heaped questions upon questions upon me with no hope of clarity in sight!

As spotted by the brilliant artist Lenny Schnier in her Instagram stories, Spotify let the singer include some notes on all of her Chromatica tracks. In the notes for “Free Woman,” Gaga gives a little more context to the song, and that’s where I get confused.


“As someone who generally prefers things to be genderless, I ponder often why I chose to declare my womanhood in this song,” she writes. “I’ve realized that question is futile. Woman could be synonymous with any creative force. I’m proud of my womb, proud of yours, and proud of those who were born without wombs and have phantom ones. Every gender has a spirit womb.”

Does anyone know what this means? I know this is, like, the lowest of low priorities right now, but her words have haunted me ever since I saw screenshots of them on Schnier’s Instagram Story. My gut says Gaga’s trying to be all pro-uterus cis lady feminism while also being trans-inclusive, but my phantom womb just says, “You’re mad! I am your daughter! Please help!!

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Well, once again, there has been a round of URI going around, which has resulted in some rooms being quarantined. So my visits have been limited. But fear not, I still have an update!

Those of you who read these updates regularly know Sundance.

And, therefore, you will also notice who is missing from this picture. That’s because ERLE STANLEY WAS ADOPTED LAST WEEK!

It’s been almost a year he’s been with us. And he went from cowering in his bed to coming out of it to greet me as soon as I stepped into the room. I am SO happy for him.

That being said, Sundance fiiled in for him today, coming out of bed to greet me and get some scritches. Good on you, Sundance!

Kitten news: Two rooms of kittens, all re-tested, all are *negative* for FIV and FeLV - yay! The “FeLV” kittens were all adopted this week, so here’s one last look (they were so funny: wrestling, climbing, purring, and then “thlump”, exhausted wet rags).

Ben Ben is feeling under the weather, but still handsome.

Pink is annoyed that I have interrupted her waiting-to-be-fed vigil.

Post-noms, Pepper is a *very* happy camper.

Kipper keeps annoying his new bff Shane with head bumps and rubs. Shane pretends to be annoyed, but we know he loves the attention.

Tiger and I had another nice chat today. She thinks she needs to stay in her bed a little longer, so we need to work on that. I mixed things up today and tried to play with her, first with a wand toy and then with a length of string. Thing is, she just looked at me wide-eyed like, WTF is this? I’m not sure she is familiar with the concept of play. Or maybe she just wasn’t expecting that from me. I will explore this further, to be sure.

I recently made friends with Ruu. He’s difficult to figure out. The first time I met him, he was sitting at the ddoor and waiting for someone to pay attention to him. But I’ve also walked by and been greeted by hissing. Whne he’s in his cave bed. he hisses at anyyone who peeks in to say hello. But I’ve discovered the secret is the container of treats that were strategically placed in the cupboard in hs room. A few of those make a great icebreaker. Go figure!

Plush and I are friends again. Right after I took this pic, I set down my phone and used my other hand to stroke his back. Oh, yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh.

So the room with the new kitties is down one. Raylan the black cat was adopted. This leaves Wynn the future barn cat (my prediction), Ava,


and Art. This guy is still quite shy, but *man* does he lean hard into the cheek scritch once I hit the sweet spot. He ventured out twice while I was there, so we’re making progress (well, maybe not Boyd, who is def not laying out the welcome mat here). Plus, he has the HUGEST tardigrade paws I’ve ever seen!

Patti Update: This delightful bundle of charm

walked right in front of me, got up on her hind legs, and proceeded to open the trash right in front of me.

So I have fixed *that* problem.

“Maybe I’ll try unscrewing these instead!”

Also: Social Distancing while waiting for noms.