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Saturday Night Social: The World Giraffe Population Is Up By One

If the novel Animal Farm taught us anything, it is that animals should be ranked in order of importance, and like several of my colleagues, I rank giraffes among the best (though I put elephants at number one). So it pleases me to say that there is a brand new giraffe in the world, and she is a stunner.  


Meet the unnamed female baby giraffe born in the Los Angeles Zoo to parents Hasina and Phillip. She is six feet, six inches tall, 138 pounds, and incredibly beautiful. However, if I ever meet her, I will compliment her leadership abilities and her athleticism in order to avoid pigeonholing her into constrictive beautiful giraffe stereotypes.

The newborn is a Masai giraffe, which is an endangered subspecies. According to National Geographic, there are just 35,000 left in the wild. Their population has fallen 50 nearly percent in the past 30 years. So while the birth of any giraffe is welcome, the birth of this one, in particular, is especially good.


Hope the birth of a golden giraffe was just one of many pieces of good news for you this week.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

What’s everyone up to? I made apple cinnamon buns, because like my Danish foreparents, I needed something with apples and a potentially dangerous amount of cinnamon.

tomorrow I’m planning on making sort of like pupusas stuffed with shredded pork and cheese.