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Saturday Night Social: the Night Belongs to Tori Amos

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: the Night Belongs to Tori Amos

Saturday evening! Valentine's Day is over so candy is 75% off, Ellen Page came out, and I spent the entirety of my shift in a guinea pig t-shirt listening to female singer-songwriters of the 90s, the best of whom may be Tori Amos, the patron saint of red hair dye and going "ah-ah-ah" after every phrase. Awesome! Let's celebrate her by singing "Cornflake Girl" as loud as we can until the neighbors make us stop.


And then let's spend the evening talking about anything and everything in the comments! Have an awesome Saturday night and see you next week! "Ah-ah-ah."

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jean bon bon

While at Target shopping for Valentines Day candy (fuck you, Target, for only marking down 30% right now), I saw a cute pair of conductor overalls for a baby on clearance. We have a daughter, and I'm sure they were marketed as boys, but I thought our little Slice of Cheeze would look cute in them, anyway. This provoked an argument, as Mr. Cheeze accused me of trying to push my non-gender conformist ideas onto the kid.

I not-so-gently reminded him that as many neutral colored articles of clothing she has, she has as many girly, frilly things. All I want for her is to have a variety, and not be pushed into a corner (she is 10-months-old, she doesn't give a shit right now). I got him to see where I was coming from and apologizing, but it left me thinking.

Am I just pushing my ideas onto the kid? She isn't old enough to care, obviously, but will she look back and be pissed that I put her into clothes that aren't girly? I'm pretty comfortable in my choices, but there is always that lingering doubt.